Research journals, academic articles and peer review articles, and obtain three (3) examples of how companies are using an HR scorecard to help create HR systems that support the company’s strategic aims. Your paper you should address the following questions:

  • Do all managers seem to mean the same thing when they refer to HR scorecards? If not, how do they differ?
  • How effective do you believe the measures that were selected by the companies are in terms of allowing the company to assess HR’s performance objectively and quantitatively, as well as serving as a tool for the HR manager to build a measurable and persuasive business case for how HR is contributing to achieving the company’s strategic financial goals.
  • Critique the scorecards and how it could be improved to measure strategically relevant organizational outcomes, workforce competencies and behaviors, and HR system policies and activities.
  • The assignment should be type written, and double space, three (3) – four (4) pages. Site your sources that support your paper (excluding the text as a reference) in the assignment. The paper should be done in APA format.

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