link to Ted Talk Essay is based off of:

Sample Outline Attached to help

Should be 4-6 pages

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Have an introduction that—

  • Accurately and effectively introduces and contextualizes the topic, article, project, and argument in introduction. Have a clear statement that indicates how the paper will proceed, which should clearly state whether Adichie’s rhetorical strategies are effective or not.
  • Indicate a clear focus in a well-written thesis statement and stay focused throughout the essay.
  • Describe Adichie’s project and argument, and what you see as his most important or interesting sub-claims, explaining how these sub-claims relate to the main claim.
  • **KEY: Identify Adichie’s specific audience. Her audience is not the whole world nor is it her “listeners.” Be specific—are her audience members educated? What is their race? Ethnicity? Age? You need to identify the audience so that, in the body of the essay, you can thoroughly explain WHY she chooses the specific strategies for this specific group of people and why that specific group of people will be convinced of her argument.

Have body paragraphs which—

  • **KEY: Analyze and evaluate the way she supports his claims, and the moves or strategies she employs to persuade her audience that you identified from the intro.
  • **KEY: Describe the strategy/strategies, provide interpretation and analysis of how the strategy works, and explain why Adichie chose to use these strategies (purpose and audience)

Include a conclusion which—

  • Comments on how this text is significant—what difference it might make to readers (this can go in the conclusion).


  • Implements proper stylistic conventions to include: sentence variation, college-level vocabulary, target audience, complex sentence structure
  • Smoothly integrate supporting evidence (quotes) into the text.
  • Use an effective structure that carefully guides the reader from one idea to the next, and be
    thoroughly edited so that sentences are readable and appropriate for an academic audience.
  • Write the paper as if addressing a reader unfamiliar with the text.
  • Avoid second person pronouns (you/your/yourself)
  • Include proper MLA documentation, with in-text citations and a Works Cited list at the end.

Name: Camilo Dunoyer

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