1) You must post at least one analytical comment about the topic(s).

2) You must read and comment on three other posts. The comments must be substantive.

1) Ovid’s poetry exhibits a specific ‘trope’ that has been very popular in love poetry generally: paraklausithyron. Paraklausithyron means “lament beside the door.” It refers to the conventional concept of the lover lamenting for his beloved who is literally behind a door and out of reach of the lover. What could the meaning of this trope be for Ovid? And, is it still popular today?

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2) Roman concepts of male virility are connected to sexual activity (as opposed to passivity), balanced emotions, restraint, reasonableness, etc. (see the PowerPoint). How does Ovid break these stereotypes and what does it say about his masculinity? Do we still have these stereotypes in our culture?

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