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APA FORMAT and STRONG ACADEMIC WRITING PREFFRED (Total pages Limited to 4 pages excluding Cover page and reference)

Pain assessment RASS documentation (Running head)

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Pain assessment and Richmond Agitation – Sedation Scale (RASS) documentation on patients using patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA).( title of project)


Pain is the most common symptom experienced by patients with cancer. Mostly seen in patients followed by stem cell transplant patients using High dose chemotherapy. Untreated or undertreated pain impairs physical and psychological health, functional status, and quality of life. The purpose of this project is to identify the personal pain goal (PPG), Promote optimal pain management through assessment, control pain by using Patient Controlled Analgesics (PCA), and improve RAAS documentation by staff education. The expected outcome of the project is to increase patient safety, increase staff knowledge and compliance on pain assessment and RASS documentation on patients using PCA. Improve patient satisfaction and HCHAP score, and maintain compliance with the JCAHO standards.


Increase staff compliance on pain assessment and RASS documentation by 90% on patients using PCA, in stem cell unit SW POD by December 2017.

Methodology (Develop following findings)


Why: Noncompliance on RASS documentation on patients on PCA.

What: Pain assessment and RASS (Richmond Agitation Sedation Scale) documentation.

Where: Stem Cell Transplant Unit G-18 SW pod.

When: project is done in a 6 month period, will be completed by December 2017.( Project 1 and 2 together.)

Who: Clinical nurses. (Nurses who care for patients with pain, using PCA)

Costs: ?

And how: Random chart audit is done. Total 34 charts audited in almost two-month period for

Different patients using PCA. Most of the nurses working in day and night shift were audited.

Total no. of nurse audited 34. Out of 34 nurses, 25 nurses did not document RASS, Please make a chart.


Applicable change theory or other nursing or quality theory (at least one).

(These are the two-theory provided by the school)


Role of the CNL in the project. Is it appropriate for the CNL and what CNL roles fit in the project?

4. Literature review, very brief, from attached 8 references (previous literature review -ATTACHED)

5.The student’s anticipated outcome(s) – 25%

6. The Capstone Committee members – 5%

Capstone committee members

1. Dr. Patricia Davis DNP, RN-BC, MS, NEA-BC, CNL. (Major Professor)

2. Joylynmae Estrella MSN, RN, CNL (Clinical co coordinator)

3. Clem Banglorioso MSN, RN, CNL (Preceptor)

4. Alice Thomas BSN, RN, CPN. (CNL student)

5. Lourine Davis BSN, RN, OCN (Associate Director SCT Unit G-18)

6. Anita Aickareth BSN, RN, BMTCN (Nurse Educator)

7. Victoria Showunmi RN, BSN, MSN, CCM (Case Manager)

8. Ancy Mathew BSN, RN (Clinical Nurse in SCT Unit- G-18).

7. Initial References (in APA format) – 15%


Structure and Design of the Capstone Proposal and Project

The design of the proposal and project depends upon the topic and methods for measurement. The

project and proposal will use evidence from the literature and a quality framework to organize the

presentation. A nursing theory and/or change theory should be applied within the project. The role of

the CNL is to be considered in both the proposal and the project

Proposal Minimum Requirements The written (Word) and verbal proposal (PowerPoint) will share the

following information headers presented using APA format to the degree possible. The grading rubric is

indicated for each area of the proposal as a % of 100 points:

1. Cover page (APA format) – 5%

2. The title and topic to be addressed – 10%

3. The goals of the project to be undertaken – 10%

4. The methodology (processes) to be utilized – 30% – Why, what, where, when,

who, costs, and how? – Applicable change theory or other nursing or quality

theory (at least one). – Literature Search is described briefly. Library orientation

is a requirement in the first CNL Roles course. If students need a refresher they

can request help from the UTMB library at any time. – Role of the CNL in the

project. Is it appropriate for the CNL and what CNL roles fit in the project?

5. The student’s anticipated outcome(s) – 25%

6. The Capstone Committee members – 5%

7. Initial References (in APA format) – 15%

Length – Not to exceed 4 Word processed pages, not including title page or references.

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