1)Then using 1-2 pages, you will conduct an in-depth, “critical reading” of 1 cover drawn from your data set. See Martin and McDonald (2012, starting on p. 92) for a more detailed description of what counts as a “critical reading”. Your goal is to choose a magazine cover that you think will help you to discuss the wider social and political significance of what is at stake in issues related to gender and media representation. Please include a small visual of your magazine cover in your report. Based on your research, provide the Atlanta Times with 2-3 recommendations about how to improve their coverage of sport.

Sports Illustrated https://www.si.com/vault/issues

ESPN: The Magazine https://espn.reprintmint.com/galleries/covers-by-year.html

Cooky, Cheryl, Michael A. Messner, & Michela Musto. ““It’s dude time!” A quarter century of excluding women’s sports in televised news and highlight shows.” Communication & Sport 3.3 (2015): 261-287.

Martin, A. & McDonald, M. (2012). Covering women’s sport? An analysis of Sports Illustrated covers from 1987-2009 and ESPN The Magazine covers from 1998-2009. Graduate Journal of Sport, Exercise & Physical Education Research, 1, 81-97.

How were your results similar or different to those in the required readings?

Based on your reading of Sports Illustrated/ESPN: The Magazine, has the amount of coverage focused on women’s sports improved since 2009?

Do these sports magazine covers that you studied depict women actively in approximately the same proportion as active men?

Are there any other trends that you noticed about the coverage?

Were there significant events in sport in the year you analyzed that may have influenced the type of coverage you observed?

What is the purpose of this assignment?

•To develop your capacity to conduct primary and secondary scholarly research.

•To develop your ability to communicate ideas in clear and accessible writing.

•To further advance your understanding of the field of sport studies and the sociology of sport.

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