**Assignment Description Below**

This week opens with a perusal of Modernist representation of the female body. We then examine gender, race, and Modernism after WWII. Our studies of women artists focus on photographers living and working during these tumultuous years.

Now you are ready to select the works of art that will be in your online exhibition. Choose a minimum of three and a maximum of five works of art that fit within your chosen topic. Conduct research on these works of art and write a brief commentary for each artwork for your online exhibition. You will want to include some combination of describing, analyzing, interpreting, and drawing conclusions. You will certainly want to make clear how the work of art relates to your overall theme. Make comparisons among the works you have chosen.

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The Caption or header: Each work of art will need its number, the name of the artist, title of the work of art, its date, its medium, its size, and the institution/individual that owns the work of art. Place this information just below or next to each included image. This should be provided in MLA format.

Place these into a presentation platform. It is strongly suggested to use Prezi (free with a .edu email address), Art Steps, or Google Sites to create a non-linear viewing area. A link to this presentation draft should be provided in the proper area by the end of Week 5.


  • 3-5 Artworks that tie in to your chosen theme.
  • Proper MLA captions for each artwork
  • A brief commentary for each artwork making connections both to the theme and making comparisons across artworks to support your theme and thesis. (Be sure to cite any references properly here as well in MLA format)
  • Formatted within a draft of your exhibition space (either in Prezi, Art Steps, or Google Sites)

**Attached is what I submitted to the teacher. And below is the email the teacher sent. Please revise the paper.**

**Your Stage 4 submittal is an interesting and thought provoking essay Hope, but not in any discernible way related to the subject of this assignment. You were to choose 3-5 images for your exhibition and write a short description/analysis of each of those. If you wish this assignment to be considered for grading it must be about the subject specified.

Thank you,

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