MINE IS RELATES TO PATIENT SAFETY IN MILITARY HEALTHCARE. DEVELOP A P QUESTION RELATED TO PICOT!!!!!!i currently work for a military health clinic which is small.Conduct and document a literature search to critically review, analyze, and synthesize evidence substantiating three health care or public health challenges faced by your prospective practicum site and the populations it serves, or  organizations with similar characteristics and populations served. Support your descriptions of the scope, magnitude, and impact of each challenge with relevant and timely evidence.Describe      your prospective practicum site or similar organization and the      populations it serves.Describe       the type of organization and the kind of health care or public health       services it provides.Describe the       populations the organization serves.Summarize       the organization’s mission and goals, and identify key stakeholders.Substantiate      three challenges that your prospective practicum site or similar      organization and its client populations currently face.Describe       each challenge.Cite       evidence from the literature that establishes the existence and       significance of each challenge.Summarize      the scope and magnitude of the organizational challenges.Describe       the extent, severity, and size of the problems related to each challenge.Describe       current publicly reported statistics, metrics, or both, showing       the magnitude of each challenge, compared to benchmarks.Substantiate      the negative impact of the challenges on your prospective practicum site      or similar organization and its client populations.Outline       the negative impact of each challenge, including how each affects quality       of care, operations, and other aspects of the organization.Describe       the negative impact of each challenge on the industry, client       populations, and organization.Support      main points, assertions, arguments, conclusions, or recommendations with      relevant and credible evidence.Assess       the relevance and credibility of information sources.Use      paraphrasing and summarization to represent ideas from external sources.

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