1. Using information below, complete the Aim statement and Plan portion of the worksheet. Remember to cite one peer reviewed, scholarly nursing source for your change.Case Study Part APatient satisfaction scores are down in your 44-bed medical-surgical unit from last year’s scores. Current scores are at 44% this year. Patients felt the nursing staff does not have time to care or listen and the nurses are unprofessional. The Quality Improvement Committee wants to bring the patient satisfaction scores back up to 88% or higher. The unit has limited finances and many new staff members.2. Using information below, complete the Do portion of the worksheet. Note: Implementation is hypothetical. You may add extra details as if you were implementing the plan in real life.Case Study Part BDuring implementing the plan, the staff complains about the plan. The nurse leader notifies the Quality Improvement Committee that the nurses are finding it difficult to implement by the target date. Some nurses do not understand why the plan is important.3. Using information below, complete the Study and Act portions of the worksheet.Case Study Part CAfter implementation, the patient satisfaction scores have increased to 75%.

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