Read the Charles Manson biography and How to Tell a Sociopath From a Psychopath. Based on Charles Manson’s background and behavior, do you think he is a psychopath or a sociopath? Explain your answer by citing different personality traits exhibited by Manson.

In response to your peers’ posts, discuss how the personality traits your peers’ identified would differ if Manson were a psychopath or sociopath (whichever disorder you peers did not select).

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After reading Charles Manson biography I feel like Charles has the characteristic of a sociopath and psychopath. Charles was very manipulative.I also say he was a psychopath because he failed to feel any guilt or remorse for his actions. He had his followers that were apart of his cult do his dirty work which involved murdering people. If his followers did a messy job murdering individuals he would kill them. Charles was more of a sociopath. He had outburst and became agitated with people if they didn’t do the job correctly. An individual who is a sociopath often becomes apart of or attached to an individual or groups, In Charles Manson case he was attached to his cult. Charles was unable to have a steady job.

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