I volunteered at City Team San Jose community service center. I volunteered over there around 3 days. Basically I registered online and sign up for shifts that I can do. All the shifts are at the warehouse. Day 1 I packed oranges, fresh fruits into bags from 9-12pm. Day 2 from 9-12 I sorted clothes from donation, separating them into different categories, recycled old clothes, put wear-able clothes on the hanger so people in need can choose it. Day 3, I volunteered from 10-12, giving out produces, meat, grains for people that needed. it depends on how many members in 1 family, the more family members, the more they get.

The reflection paper should incorporate the following components:

1) What you learned about yourself

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2) Application of two class theories to what you learned (make sure to explain in your own words,

cite in proper APA format and apply the theory appropriately).

3) What you would do differently (if anything) if you had the chance to do it again and why

The format of the paper should be:

The grading rubric is as follows:

Did you properly explain the theories? (4 points)

Did you appropriately apply the theories (i.e., demonstrating an accurate understanding of the

theory)? (4 points)

Did you cite the theory in the paper (in-text citations) using proper APA (See Online Writing

Lab Purdue-OWL)? (3 points)

Did you provide an APA style reference page of sources cited and do the sources match what is

cited in the paper? (4 points).

Did you discuss what you learned about yourself? (2 points)

Did you address what you would do differently and why? (2 points)

Is the paper formatted correctly (double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman Font, 1 inch

margins? (4 points)

Is your paper organized and written clearly, easy to read and understand, free of grammar and

sentence structure errors, and typos? (4 points)

Does the paper contain rich insights gained from the writer’s personal experience or is it simply a

commonplace description of what the writer did? (3 points).

Here are some theories that you can use:

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Motivation Hygiene Theory (Herzberg)

SMART Goal setting theory

Reinforcement theory

Equity theory

Expectancy theory

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