Personality Homework assignments may consist of any of the following:

Personal experiences that relate in some way to the personality chapter.

Course-related newsworthy items you read about in newspapers, news magazines, etc.

Information you study in other courses that relates to the material we have studied.

Miscellaneous items—for example, you might choose to use a magazine advertisement, TV show, cartoon, or movie to illustrate a psychological principle (this category is intentionally broad and vague in order to allow you to be creative).

For each of your assignments, you should describe in detail the facts or observations surrounding the situation/event and relate how psychological research or theory gives you particular insight into that situation—its causes, its correlates, its relation with other events, and/or other pertinent topics. You must include a copy of the original information (e.g., newsworthy items, information from other courses, cartoon) whenever possible with your assignment. When you use a personal experience or some other event that you cannot copy as your stimulus, you must describe it in enough detail that I can understand the experience/event that made you think of its relation to psychology.

After you write about the stimulus, you should clearly connect it to psychological concepts or knowledge as noted in your textbook. I should not have to guess what psychological concept you think your stimulus relates to in the textbook—you must draw the link for me. You should explain the concept to me as you would to a friend or relative. Putting things in your own words is the most desirable approach.

In addition, be certain that your assignment contains a critical thinking element and MUST label it.

NOTE:personality is in chapter 11 from Weiten, W. (2014). Psychology: Themes & Variations (Briefer version; 9th ed.). I can send you a copy of the chapter if necessary.

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