MLA format 5 pages Double Spaced. Must use in-line citations (if not sure how to do this refer to this source…) NO outside sources.

You should only use the readings I provide. You will be using Lukacs reading and I will provide you sections of the two novels.

Prompt: What’s the difference, for Lukacs, between the novel of abstract idealism and the novel of romantic disillusionment? Illustrate this distinction by explaining how Don Quixote and Sentimental Education stand for Lukacs as the great examples of these two forms.

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(The files are too big to attach all the readings. but you do not need to have the books. I will provide it all once accepted it was be part 1 2 and 3 of Sentimental Education, Lukacs Theory of Novel, and Don Quixote chapter 1-14)

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