Please write a 9-10 page paper, double spaced, 12pt, MLA formatted comparing the islam in the western view versus Middle Eastern view. Comparing the Islam in both places and how they come to practice the Islam and what obstacles that they might face. Please provide example about Islam in Libya and how it’s the only religion which makes people closer and all that. Then, for example you can provide examples about the muslim individual practices of islam such as Ramadan and how it come to be easy to fast while all people around you are fasting versus in the United States where people believe in different religion. How might living as a muslim in the unites states may be different from living in the Middle East. Just mainly compare the Islam and Muslims in the western view versus the middle eastern and North African view.

Then prepare a 5min powerpoint slides and make most of the them about examples in Libya.

You research online to find the differences and examples. Pleas provide an excellent.

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