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A participatory health model is a health care model that includes the patient and his or her family in decision making to improve his or her healthcare results. This allows healthcare providers, patient and family to get involved in treatment, options, preferences and goals. Success or failure of this application lies in the patient’s relationship to his or her support group. A patient that belongs in a family with a strong foundation can lead to a better outcome than a patient who has a strained relationship with his immediate family. Patients who are vulnerable to these barriers will have challenges in recovery and treatment. Participation and compliance can be achieved if the patient cooperates with the people around him. Mutual respect and open communication are key factors to make sure all participants are on the same page. It is also important to know if family and patient are in agreement with the patient’s wishes. Issues such as the patient’s age, status, mental capacity, learning and physical disabilities, and financial disposition can be barriers to learning outcomes.


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