You will be required to develop a persuasive presentation on the controversial political or social issue you wrote about in your Expository Essay 2. You must discuss this issue from the perspective of Bronfenbrenner’s theory. The 5 key systems are microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem, and chronosystem. Each of the key system has own roles in shaping and developing the individual and his/her views about a particular social issue.

You must research arguments on both sides of the social issue you chose to analyze and you must persuasively argue one side. While doing so, employ Bronfenbrenner’s theory to support your argument to support your stance on the issue. As you argue, please incorporate relevant statistics, research and other data to support your arguments.

6 slides with maximum 6 sentences. 

You are to hand in three documents: powerpoint presentation, formal outline, and speaking outline. 

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