Attached is a make believe problem statement letter that the essay is suppose to be based on.

The proposal letter you wrote has intrigued your supervisor. She’s asked you to write it up in a more fully developed report of about five or six pages (1,250-1,500 words). She specifically mentioned she’d like to “see the evidence” that supports your solution, but she also asked that you explain the problem in detail. If the report is well written and the solution
something that will save the company money, she may show the report to her own supervisor,thus increasing your visibility within the organization.In this assignment you will recommend a solution to the problem identified in your Problem Statement Letter. Not only must it be clear why the problem is, indeed, a problem for your organization, but why the solution you are proposing is the best one for your organization’s needs. In order for the recommendations in your report to be accepted by the organization’s decision-makers, it will have to be persuasive, and to be persuasive, you will need solid evidence that your proposed solution will not only be successful, but that it will be cost-effective in terms of the resources your organization has at hand and any expected return on investment (ROI).
You will be asked to submit your report with a cover memo to your direct supervisor. Note the audience for your memo is your supervisor but the audience for your report is ultimately her supervisor. Depending upon what you are proposing, your audience may eventually be the Board of Directors or similar decision-making committee. You want to make the best possible impression on these executives. Make sure your report is formatted correctly and that you have
few, if any, grammatical errors.Your report should include the following sections:
Abstract: For a report of this length, a single paragraph is long enough. The paragraph should
use an “introduction-body-conclusion” structure. In it, identify the purpose of the report, the
problem, your conclusion and/or recommendations.
The Problem: Identify the problem; Explain why it is a problem and for whom.
Possible Solutions: Explain the possible solutions (each may get one or two paragraphs—choose
the top three possibilities—if there aren’t that many, explain why).
Best Solution: Explain which option is the best solution and detail why (if the new solution might
cause another problem, you will need to anticipate this and explain how to resolve that
situation as well).
Resources Needed: Explain what will be necessary to implement this solution (time, employee
reassignments, financial costs)
Future Monitoring: Explain how the solution will be monitored and researched to be certain the
problem has been resolved.
References Page: cite all sources

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