1) What are the three parts of a formal report?

2) What is an executive summary?

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3) What’s the difference between a report’s conclusions and recommendations


Presentations and Informal Reports – Discussion Group

There are several types of informational reports, and we’ll focus on progress reports since I’m asking you to create several of them for your Team Consulting Report and Presentation to keep me informed. (We’ll come back to proposals in detail at the end of the semester.) Progress reports come in various formats, from an informal email to a prepared oral presentation or spontaneous update in a meeting and many others. At the most basic level, progress reports are communications between a proposal and a completion or recommendation report, focusing on the progress of a specific project.

Be honest in your report to avoid looking uninformed or unethical. If the deliverable won’t be what you initially thought, explain. If you won’t be able to meet time or budget restrictions, explain why and why you need more time/money. Be specific!

Our text, in Chapter 17, has a model in our text of a traditional text progress report, so let’s look at a progress report delivered as a presentation. Brian Cox, a British physicist, has been working on the Large Hadron Collider project in Geneva and gave a progress report as a TED talk:

While you watch this Progress Report example, look for how the author, Prof. Brian Cox, organizes and relates information and make the corresponding discussion post or at least 250 words:

  • What is the exact purpose of this progress report?
  • What features of a text document does he use? (Think of things like headings, organization, etc.)
  • How does he use aspects of a presentation to deliver his report?
  • How easy was his progress report to follow?
  • What might you have to provide a progress report on in your field?


For this third reflective essay, simply develop answer each question/set of questions in a paragraph, for a total of at least five paragraphs (NOTE: Do not use the five paragraph essay structure, just answer the questions).

  1. What communication mistakes have you seen in the news/being talked about lately?
  2. What has surprised you about looking at all of these big companies and their major communication mistakes? Why?
  3. What can you learn from those mistakes? What have you learned about what not to do?
  4. What questions or apprehensions do you have about the Team Consulting Report project?
  5. What initial ideas do you have for a subject for this project?
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