Create a short essay, and complete the following tasks:

  • Explain the different types of writing criminal justice professionals do regularly in the field. Consider the writing professional must do to accommodate for the variety of audiences and purposes for which they write. In your explanation include at what intervals they are likely to write those documents, to whom and for whom, as well as the pressures they face while writing them such as deadlines.
  • Explain the different situations that require effective workplace communication in the criminal justice field. Consider the rhetorical situation: audiences, purposes, and external pressures faced while writing, and so forth.

In addition, complete the following requirements:

Create a 2 page essay in APA Format and include in-text citations.

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Use the following search topics to acquire 2 sources for this essay:

  • Brief.
  • Crime analysis.
  • Police report.
  • Defense attorney brief example.
  • Police chief writing examples.
  • Crime analysis reports.
  • Writing police dispatches.

While researching, consider the following questions:

  • What would you write on a regular basis if you were doing this job?
  • What are the features of this type of writing?
  • How often would you write, and who would be the audience for the documents?
  • What purposes would the documents fulfill?
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