Please write this in Netbeans IDE 8.1. thanks

Design a class named PayCheck. The class contains:
the data fields firstName, lastName, annualSalary,
filingStatus, and any data fields that
are relevant to help you solve the problem.

Then write a program that asks the user to enter their first name,
last name, annual salary, and how many children s/he has.
A user may have no child at all.

Then calculate the taxable income for the user based on the 
rate available here
under the table Estimated Income Tax Brackets and Rates.

After calculating the taxable income, determine the 
earned income tax credit based on the rate available 

Specifically, refer to the two graphs "Earned Income Tax Credit for Households with one Child, 2016"
and "Earned Income Tax Credit for Households with two Children, 2016"
Only people that are heads of households or filing jointly qualify for 
the earned income tax credit.  People who have more than 2 children do not qualify for any
additional earned income tax credit other than the one outlined in the link above.

Then calculate the take home salary after the taxes and earned income credit.

Your output must show:
        - First and last name
        - Filing status
        - Annual salary before tax and earned income credit
        - Dollar amount of tax
        - Dollar amount of earned income tax credit
        - Take home pay after all taxes and earned income tax credit
Your program must compile and run to get credit. If your program does not compile,
you get 0. If you copy from your classmate, both of you get 0. If you copy from a
website, you get 0.

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