Fallacies are an argument’s greatest foe as they undermine the credibility of the person presenting it. While it isn’t important whether or not one can name a particular fallacy (e.g. “You, sir, insult me with this red herring of a statement!), it is essential that you recognize the presence of logical reasoning errors. With this in mind, you are tasked to find five fallacies:

  • one in an article newly published in a newspaper (can be print or online)
  • one in a news event on a lately televised news program
  • one recently published on social media
  • one from a website
  • one from a currently airing commercial

Each needs to be presented in the following manner:

  • A summary
  • An explanation of the logical reasoning error present
  • A citation following MLA Style, 8th edition, as it would appear on a works cited page
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