First your topic: Do Milgram’s Obedience Experiments Help Explain the Nature of the Holocaust? One of the most infamous experiments in psychology is Milgram’s shocking study. Milgram saw the war and what occurred in Germany and was puzzled by obedience to authority even if the results of that obedience was catastrophic. He designed his study to test the limits of obedience. This study is described in chapter 12 in detail. I also have the video links in my module. Discuss if this research explains the atrocities of the holocaust, or if you think it doesn’t. Make sure your argument is supported by research.In your individual discussion post write a Summary of the peer-reviewed article you found and your argument of either pro or con. Basically, briefly summarize the research and any supported arguments you would make as either a “pro” or a “con” side of the issue & support this with evidence. Make sure you include how does this research relate to your perspective? You can also include things like:What cause/effect relationships were stated or implied by the author?Are there any reasons to believe the writers are biased?Did you find evidence of other logical errors on the part of the author?What fallacies of question-framing are made by the authors?Please CITE in APA format here!!!

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