Please DO NOT BID!!!!!! on the questios If you do not have the TEXTBOOK: Psychopharmacology ( Drugd, the Brain, and Behavior second edition. Jerrod S. Meyer & Linda F. Quenzer.

No Plagiarism Please

Learning Activity #3: Neuroanatomy Discussion

  • Read Chapter 2 of your textbook by Meyer & Quenzer.
  • Prepare to share in discussion the importance of the reward-pleasure center in the development of a Substance Use Disorder, and those neuroanatomic structures that compose the reward-pleasure pathway.

Learning Activity #4: Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics Discussion

  • Read Chapter 1 of your textbook by Meyer & Quenzer.
  • Select a drug of any of the 11 categories and give it extra research attention.
  • Prepare to share in discussion how changes in pharmacokinetics will affect the pharmacodynamics of a drug you selected to study. For instance snorting cocaine is different than swallowing it, shooting it IV, or smoking crack.
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