American Psychological Association (2010). Careers in Psychology. Retrieved from University Psychology Department. (2002). General information on forensic psychology. Retrieved from, D. (2006). Forensic psychology. Retrieved from Information OnlineYour Internet resource for information about the practice of psychologyFORENSIC PSYCHOLOGYForensic HomeFamily CourtCivil CourtCriminal CourtNational Directory of PsychologistsConsumersPsychology Information Online HomepageNational Directory of Psychologists – Locate a Local PsychologistForensic PsychologyPreparing Forensic Psychological ReportsFamily Court IssuesCivil Court IssuesCriminal Court IssuesSelect a PsychologistTreatment For Emotional ProblemsPsychology BookstoreFrequently Asked Questions about the Field of PsychologyProfessionalsList your practice in the National Directory of PsychologistsPublish Articles OnlineLocate Continuing Education ProgramsPsychology JobsMarket Your PracticeForensic psychology is the interface between psychology and the law, so all psychological services provided for the legal community are forensic psychological services. However, most forensic psychologists provide services which are both clinical and forensic in nature. When a psychologist treats an individual who was emotionally traumatized by an accident, the treatment is clinical in nature, designed to assist the individual in recovering from the trauma. But, when the psychologist is asked to provide a report for the court, regarding the extent of the trauma, and to assess the psychological damage incurred, then the psychologist is providing forensic services.Please use these links to learn more about Forensic Psychology:Family CourtChild Custody Evaluations, Visitation Risk Assessments, Grandparent Visitation Evaluations,  Mediation of Parental Conflicts about Children, Child Abuse Evaluations, Adoption Readiness Evaluations, Development of Family Reunification Plans, and Evaluations to Assess Termination of Parental Rights.Psychotherapy and counseling to families referred by the court:Parent-child family counselingTherapeutic supervised visitationParenting skills trainingAnger managementDivorce adjustment counseling for children and/or adultsParental communication skills trainingCivil CourtPersonal Injury Evaluations, IME Second Opinion Evaluations, Assessment of Emotional Factors in Sexual Harassment and Discrimination, Worker’s Compensation Evaluations, Civil Competency Evaluations, and Psychological Autopsies.In Civil Court cases, psychologists also provide psychotherapy and counseling to individuals for the following problems:Post Traumatic Stress DisorderAnxietyDepressionPhobias Related to Traumatic EventsPsychological Factors in Chronic PainAnger ManagementAdjustment Counseling following traumaCouple Counseling regarding the impact of the trauma on the relationshipDesensitization.Criminal CourtEvaluations of Juveniles accused of criminal acts, Juvenile Pre-sentencing Evaluations, Juvenile Probation Evaluations, Juvenile Waiver Evaluations, Evaluating the Credibility of Child Witnesses, Assessment of Juvenile and Adult Sexual Offenders, Competency and Diminished Capacity Evaluations, and Adult Pre-sentencing Evaluations.Psychologists also provide counseling and psychotherapy services to individuals involved with the Criminal Court.The issues addressed include:Counseling of individuals who violate restraining ordersCounseling juveniles on probationSupportive counseling for the victims of crimesCounseling of individuals awaiting trialCounseling adults on probationAnger management skills training for violent offendersCounseling and psychotherapy for sexual offendersPsychology Information Online is a privately owned website providing information about the practice of psychology for the benefit of consumers and psychologists. It is not endorsed by, or affiliated with, any state or national psychological association or any state licensing board.Psychologists and Mental Health Professionals can follow these links for:Psychology Job ListingsConferences and Continuing EducationBilling ServicesTranscription ServicesTesting Supplies and ServicesMarketing Your PracticeProfessional JournalsProfessional BooksProfessional Travel ProgramsRegister your practice in the National Directory of PsychologistsPublish Articles Online to Educate Consumers About Your ExpertisePsychology Information Online is a service ofForks Publishing CompanyPsychology Information Online provides information forConsumers,Psychologists, andStudentsTheNational Directory of Psychologistswill help you locate a local psychologist.OurSelf-Help Psychology Bookstorewill help you locate books about psychological topicscopyright 1999 – 2011 by Donald J Franklin, Ph.D. – all rights reserved

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