Assignment: Problem StatementThe problem statement is a specific description about the nature of a problem; it also provides the rationale for why a particular problem was chosen. A well-constructed problem statement will narrowly define the topic so that research can stay focused on the defined problem and not stray to related tangents. The problem statement will anchor the rest of your work on the Capstone Project. For this Assignment, you will examine your research problem and write a statement describing the problem you selected.To prepare:Review the Learning Resources.Narrow the topic to a specific problem that can be researched in the scholarly literature.Search the Walden University Library and/or the Internet for at least 2 peer-reviewed sources to support your topic selection and problem.Assignment (1–2 pages, not including title page and reference page)Write a problem statement for the topic you have selected for your Capstone Project.The problem statement must be supported by information cited from at least 2 peer-reviewed resources.By Day 7Submit your Assignment by Day 7.

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