Your answer should be at least 230 words, with intext citations and a  2 reference list at the bottom. These questions come from one of your textbooks, so this should be your first reference. Your grade will be based on the quality of your response.Instructions for individual assignments1.Make sure that you answer the question correctly and fully. Your answer should be at least 230 words long2.Use 2 references. Use at least one of the courses two textbooks. The questions come from one of the two textbooks, so logically these should be your first source.3.Use in-text citations that are listed in the reference section.4.All items in the reference must be used as a citation. Citations and references can be in APA 6thor 7thedition format5.Sources must be scholarly. This means textbooks and peer reviewed articles. Nothing else is acceptable. 6.Do not copy and Paste. Paraphrase, using your own words. Because this assignment is small, copying even one sentence can raise your similarity report to 20%.QUESTION:Explain Erikson’s stage of integrity versus despair.

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