Please answer the following True and False questions and justify your answer (1 paragraph PER question)1. Autism is more often diagnosed in boys than in girls? _____2. Autism can be caused by emotional deprivation. _____3. Autism is on the increase. _____4. Autism has the same rate of occurrence worldwide _____5. Autism can be detected before a child is 2 years old _____6. Autism runs in families ____7. There is a single gene for autism ____8. Autism can be caused by the MMR vaccine _____9. A person with autism can grow out of it _____10. People with autism all have below average intelligence _____11. People with autism always prefer being alone _____12. Adults with autism are not capable of working _____13. People with autism can’t feel emotions ____14. People with autism do not easily understand that other people are thinking _____15. All people with autism display deficits in communication _____

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