Cultural      Differences slides: On the table provided, list side by side the main      cultural identities from the Hays model, relevant to the conflict in the      case, of yourself and another individual, agency/business, or institution      in the case.If       more than one individual, agency/business, or institution is involved in       the case, make a copy of this slide for each one, to compare yourself to       all others involved.In       the notes section:Identify        common concerns with each cultural identity. Be careful to avoid using        stereotypes.Analyze        how cultural differences contributed to the conflict in this case.Relevant      Biases: Identify two relevant biases you have or had, and at least      one strategy for improving your cultural competency around each of those      biases.Note: This       slide may be reused from Assessment 2, but if you received suggestions       for improving it, be sure to revise it.Ethical      Concerns slides: Bullet point the three or more ethical concerns in the      case and apply one or more ethical standard to each concern. Additional      supporting details and references can be added in the notes section.Comparison      of Ethical Theories slides: In the first row of the table provided, enter      the names of two ethical theories that you think would be the most      appropriate for the situations in the case. In the following rows, enter      comparisons of relevant features of the two theories. In the notes      section, evaluate which theory provides a more functional framework for      your case and explain why. (Note that ethical theories and ethical      decision-making models are two different things. Please make sure that you      are applying, comparing, and contrasting two ethical theories).Ethical      Decision-Making Model slides:Identify       each step in the model. Under each step of the model, apply it to       your case.Incorporate       multicultural issues presented in the case study within the selected       ethical decision-making model.Add       copies of this slide as needed, and combine steps on the slides as       necessary or appropriate. In the notes section, write out supporting       narrative details for your bullet points. (Note that ethical theories and       ethical decision-making models are two different things. Please make sure       that are applying the steps of the ethical decision-making model to your       case).Best      Practices When Working With [Cultural Identity] slide:Identify       a best practice for working with a cultural identity in this case and       cite the source below. Citation requirements: You must cite best       practices from at least three scholarly research articles. You may cite       reputable source from Web sites, books, textbooks, and suggested       resources as well, but these will not count toward the three required       scholarly research references.Analyze,       briefly, how the best practice could help you navigate this particular       relationship and conflict.Describe,       in the notes section, the best practice in more detail, and elaborate as       needed on your analysis of how the best practice could help you navigate       the relationship and conflict.Note: This       slide may be reused from Assessment 2, but if you received suggestions       for improving it, be sure to revise it.Proposed      Resolution slide: Use bullet points to summarize your proposed      resolution to the ethical dilemmas in the case. In the notes section,      write out supporting narrative details for your bullet points.References      slides: Use current APA style and formatting guidelines.

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