5/21/2021When choosing a research design, the design to use depends on your social problem, research problem, gap in the literature, and the research question you’re asking. For this Discussion, you will work a bit backwards as you will be given a design and then you provide an explanation of that design, when it would be appropriately used, the assumptions of the design, strengths/weaknesses, of the design, and an analysis of that research design. By looking at the design from both ends, you will learn this vital concept in more depth than if you had only approached it in one way.To prepare for this Discussion:For this week’s discussion your instructor will assign you a quantitative research design from the list below.·  Pretest/Posttest Control Group Design:·  Solomon Four-Group Design:·  Posttest Only Control Group Design:·  Times Series Experiment:·  Equivalent Materials Design:·  Nonequivalent Materials Design:·  Counterbalanced Designs:·  Separate Sample Pretest/Posttest Design:·  Multiple Time Series Design:·  Recurrent Institutional Cycle Design:·  Correlation & Causation:·  Retrospective Pretest:·  Panel Studies:·  Lazarsfeld Sixteenfold Table:·  Ex Post Facto Analysis:Post a 3 to 5 paragraph analysis of your assigned quantitative research design. Your analysis should include:·  A brief description of the design and where it is most appropriately used·  The assumptions for the design·  The strengths and weaknesses of the design and the threats to internal and external validity·  Analyze the design given in terms of appropriateness, assumptions, strengths and weaknesses, and threats to internal and external validity.Use a variety of the resources provided in the class as well as resources in the Walden University Library as well as reputable sources found on the internet. Make sure that you are using APA formatted citations to back up your statements and providing APA formatted references.

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