Discussion Post Requirements:Responses must be well thought out and well written.Responses must include 2+ references to the readings, videos, and/or activities assigned for the week.Responses must focus on both course material and personal reflection.Responses must be 350 wordsQUESTIONThe National Association of Colleges and Employers is dedicated to the career readiness of college graduates. Employers are seeking employees with certain competencies, regardless of the major you get your degree in. Please visit the links below to becomes familiar with those competencies and then identify which competencies are your strengths and which ones are areas for growth. How could you gain growth in those competencies (via class, the jobs you work in now, internships, volunteer work, etc.)SOURCEShttps://www.apa.org/ed/precollege/psn/2013/09/job-applicantshttps://www.aacu.org/sites/default/files/files/LEAP/2015employerstudentsurvey.pdfhttps://www.apa.org/education-career/guide/transferable-skills.pdfhttps://www.naceweb.org/career-readiness/competencies/career-readiness-defined/

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