Here are the files and instructions for the Functional Analysis Assignment.In this assignment, you will complete a MAS and FAST and functional analysis for a hypothetical child named “Stacy”. The final project should contain three graphs (MAS graph, FAST graph, and a functional analysis graph). Be sure to read additional information that is in the document entitled, ” FBA.doc” as it contains the data needed for this assignment.Be sure to do the following:1. Calculate the results for the MAS, FAST, and FA.  The data for the FA are found in the document that says “FBA.doc”.  (  DIRECTIONS FOR THE FBA:1. Calculate the Results of the FAST and MAS for Stacy Evans2. Graph the Results of the above indirect assessment for Stacya) Use a Bar graph for displaying the datab) Include labels for the X and Y Axisc) Include a legendd) Do not include grid lines3. Calculate the Percentage of Intervals for Tantrum Behavior for Stacy with thedata provided below4. Graph the Functional Analysis according to the following guidelines:a) The X Axis should be labeled as Sessionsb) The Y Axis should be labeled as Percentage of Intervalsc) Include a Legendd) Graph the data of the four conditions in one graphe) Do not use color for the graphs.f) Each data path should have a different symbol (i.e- square, circle, etc.)g) Do not use grid lines4. Include a Treatment Plan/Behavior Intervention Plan for Stacy upon the results of the indirect assessments and the functional analysis5. The Treatment plan/BIP should contain Proactive Strategies (Things to do to avoid the tantrums), Replacement Behaviors, and Consequence Strategies (How to respond when a tantrum occurs). The Treatment plan should be at least 1 full page. You are allowed to make up your own strategies based upon the results of the FBA.6. The final document should include the three graphs, an interpretation of the results (at least 1 paragraph), a summary of the treatment plan (at least 1 page).)2. Make a graph for the MAS, FAST and the functional analysis.  Please see the document (“Example of MAS and FA graphs.doc”) for an example of what your final graph should look like. Also, be sure to include the graphs into the paper. So the final paper should be one document with the graphs embedded into the document.3. In the paper, be sure to provide an analysis of the function or functions of the behavior. In other words, you should include an interpretation of the results of the indirect assessment and the functional analysis.4. Develop a treatment plan based upon the results that include the following 3 sections in the treatment plan: proactive strategies, reactive/consequence based strategies, and replacement behaviors (at least one page)Include the Following Headings:Introduction and Background Information , Indirect Assessments/Graphs, Summary of Indirect Assessments, Functional Analysis/Graphs, Summary of Functional Analysis, Proactive Strategies, Replacement Behaviors, Consequence Strategies.Breakdown of Points: Introduction and Background Information (5 points) , Indirect Assessments/Graphs (5 points), Summary of Indirect Assessments (5 points), Functional Analysis/Graphs (10 points), Summary of Functional Analysis (5 points), Proactive Strategies (10 points), Replacement Behaviors (10 points), Consequence Strategies (10 points). In addition, you will be graded 5 points of Punctuation, grammar, and professional writingIn the Introduction: Be sure to include the reason for the referral, information about the client, operational definitions, etc.Summary of Proactive Strategies of treatment plan:  In this section, you should summarize how you will avoid/prevent the maladaptive behavior from occuringSummary of Replacement Behaviors of treatment plan: In this section, you should summarize the functionally equivalent replacement behaviorsSummary of Consequence Behaviors of treatment plan- In this section, you should summarize how you will respond if the maladaptive behavior occursAfter watching the tutorial, if you need additional support, you can view this You Tube Video:

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