RESPOND TO STUDENTS POSTQuashaunda postThe roles of collaboration are used in assisting organizational culture is making choices based off of morals and values that will bring valuable changes. I think collaboration can assist an organization to align it’s current organizational culture with one that will facilitate positive change by using information that could creating a positive work environment for all employees and allowing employees to express their thoughts and concerns based off the changes that are done within a corporation. Morals and principles play a major role an organizational culture it shows respect to others and their beliefs especially when a company is working with other organizations .Their culture has to be respected due to the fact of not wanting to offend another individual based off of cultural differences they may not be understood but definitely should be respected. Some strategies that could be used to that would provide effective collaboration would be being fair and understanding .You may not always agree with what someone says or does but at least be considerate of their views and opinions and being able to give and receive feedback would give a better option then just disregarding the situation. A behavior that I have expressed in the past that prevented effective collaboration is not being an listener or a communicator .The worst thing anyone can do is be a talker and not a listener it takes more than voicing your opinion. You have to be able to sit back and listen and receive feedback just as much as giving feedback.Andre postThis week we study how organizational culture influence its ability to make desirable changes aligned to its mission, values, and strategies. The first question is what do you think the role of collaboration is in assessing organizational culture? I think it is, “ a culture of collaboration helping organizations maximize employee knowledge and capabilities, and the ideas and information spread more easily when employees communicate and collaborate across functional and departmental lines, which can have a positive impact on company performance” (Root 2018). Also, I think collaboration can assist and organization to align its current organizational culture with one that will facilitate positive change by, “working in teams enabling employees to be quicker and more effective in their work, as compared to people who work on projects on their own” (Nutcache 2021). Furthermore, “collaborating also makes employees more responsible, which goes a long way in raising their motivation levels, especially when teams work virtually” (Nutcache 2021). I think the role of collaboration in initiating change is “when initiating a change, collaboration brings relevant stakeholders together to ensure that a decision made represents every stakeholder, and collaboration and open communication with all team members help raise issues and objections early in the change-initiative process, increasing trust and building a shared message” (Kaufman 2021). Some strategies I would use to contribute to effective collaboration when initiating change is to communicate the expectations of collaboration, highlight individual strengths, promote community work environment, and encourage creativity. A behavior that I expressed in the past that did not contribute to effective collaborative was I did not work well in Navy with junior sailors to wash the aircrafts. I was not a team member on this project, and I would wander off. I would never do this again and I would replace this behavior by being a better leader and organizing the group and motivating them to do a quality job of washing the aircrafts in a timely fashion with satisfactory meeting QA standards.Ashton postEach organization has its own unique culture usually comprised of “the founder’s values, the industry and business environment, the national culture, the organization’s vision and strategies, and the behavior of leaders.” The culture of an organization can be extremely useful in setting up and managing the expectations of an organization. Employees can use the culture to gauge how well they are suited to a given work environment. In previous lessons, we reviewed what employees found more important in their careers, and some individuals stated they held appreciation at the top of their list of importance. These individuals will likely find high job satisfaction in an organization that holds their employees in high regard, offering benefits and incentives for high-performing employees. Other individuals may find higher job satisfaction working for a company that openly supports causes they support or has similar values to themselves. Having a good culture established within a company can often keep job satisfaction levels high, and attract customers who choose to support companies who have certain values or stand for certain causes important to themselves.Discussion QuestionThis discussion is uploaded below

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