1For your course project, you will pair up with 3–4 fellow learners to conduct a virtual interview using a discussion in Unit 4. You will then use this data to complete your project. To get started, choose one of the following research questions. Be sure that it is consistent with your chosen method. Once you have chosen the research question, develop five guiding interview questions that you can use in your virtual interview. All of the questions relate to your experiences at Capella University.For this discussion:Post your chosen question from the following list.Develop and post the five interview questions that you intend to use for your virtual interview.Generic Qualitative ResearchChoose one of the following research questions for generic qualitative research:How do learners describe the educational sessions at residency?How do learners describe the characteristics of an effective online instructor?Ethnographic ResearchChoose one of the following research questions for ethnographic research:What is the culture of the Capella residency?What is the culture of the Capella courseroom?Case Study ResearchChoose one of the following research questions for case study research:What are the learning factors in the online environment at Capella University?What are the learning dimensions throughout the residency experience?Grounded Theory ResearchChoose one of the following research questions for grounded theory research:What is the process of learning in an online environment?How do learners describe the process of personal change throughout Capella residency?Phenomenological ResearchChoose one of the following research questions for phenomenological research:What is the experience of being an online learner?What is the experience of attending residency?Heuristic ResearchChoose one of the following research questions for heuristic research:What is the nature and meaning of the residency experience?What is the essence of the online learning experience?2The expanded role of women in the military to include ground combat jobs has necessitated that each branch re-examine equipment design, definitions of combat readiness, and other standards, taking differences into account to maximize safety and efficacy. For this discussion, review the articles by Bush and Savage-Knepshield et al. (linked in Resources) on women in combat.Describe the primary concerns with testing physical capability of women.Analyze key points related to individual differences and assessment.Describe how you would approach preparing and assessing women for military combat without gender discrimination and to create a level playing field.

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