Informative Speech: Your goal for this speech is to raise the level of knowledge of your audience about an object, concept, person, policy, place, event, or process. Your topic must relate to your Broward College Pathway.This speech will teach you how to speak from note cards. A full-sentence outline with a bibliography are required for this speech. The speech must be 4-6 minutes in length. Points are deducted for going under or over this time limit. Three sources or reference material are required for this speech.  You must use supporting material linked to the thesis and material that enhances your credibility as a speaker and the clarity of the topic.  Sources and reference material are orally cited by you during the body of the presentation.  Main points of the speech should be amply supported by specific research.  Research must consist of sufficient variety (statistics, examples, comparisons, quotations, etc.).This speech will be recorded and the link will be uploaded into the Discussion area using YouTube.Recorded speeches do not require an audience. The speech recording must be uploaded into the discussion area in D2L.  Your recording must be recorded with you standing. You should record yourself from your knees up to the top of your head.  The professor needs to see your body gestures and posture. Do not edit the recording or turn the recorder off once you start recording.All presentations will be extemporaneously (conversationally) delivered. Reading or memorizing a presentation will result in failing the assignment. However, you will be permitted to use no more than 5 3X5 or 4X6 inch speaker cards with key words on them while you speak. Points are deducted for going under or over this time limit.

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