This has 5 discussion assignments; each discussion must be at least 250 words and cite at least 2 scholarly references.(textbook can be used also) Please see attachment from textbookDiscussion 1:There has long been a debate regarding the impact of nature vs. nurture on human development. It now recognizes that both factors play a role in our growth. Describe the aspects of your own growth and development that you attribute to your genetics and describe the aspects you attribute to your environment. What theories of human development resonate with your experience?  Why and how?  Be specific and give examples.Discussion 2:There are several strategies for remembering information such as organization, chunking, repetition, and rote rehearsal. Which methods have you used? What types of information did you use with each type of method (for example, we often use chunking to remember our social security or phone number).Discussion 3:Consider Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological systems theory. Discuss the various components of your microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, and macrosystem. How did these systems influence your own growth and development? What were some of the bidirectional influences in your life that helped to shape you?Discussion 4: Note (I chose conduct disorder for this discussion)Think back to your own childhood. Did you know anyone in this age range that struggled with one of the disorders named in this chapter? If so, how did others react to this person? What supports did the school provide? Remembering this child, if you were the counselor working with this person, what recommendations might you make in order to help him or her develop resilience?Discussion 5:Discuss the process of identity development under Marcia’s model.

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