As technology advances, new social issues arise regarding the way individuals interact through this technology. As a society, we face challenges related to how these interactions affect our thoughts and behavior. By applying personality theories, we can seek to further understand the causes for these issues. Through understanding the causes, we can create possible solutions to help improve human interactions in society.Research a technology-mediated social issue related to one of the following:online bullyingsocial media interactionsonline communicationsonline purchasesonline scamsadolescent use of social media and text messagingonline dating sites and appsonline gamingWrite a 1,400- to 1,750-word proposal for a solution to this social issue by applying either the social cognitive or cognitive social learning personality theories to explain human behavior related to the issue. Include the following in your proposal:A description of the issue and explanation of how technology has contributed to its development. Support your explanation with research.An explanation of human behavior related to online social engagement and learning.Possible reasons for this social issue in society based on your explanation of behavior.An application of your chosen personality theory to propose possible solutions for this issue.Include a minimum of 3 references.Format your proposal according to APA guidelines.

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