Text: Psychology Core Concepts: Zimbardo, Johnson and Hamilton 7TH EDITION (978-0-205183463) I cant found the text online maybe you canOr You can access The Discovering Psychology video series on the internet for free!Go to www.learner.orgClick on the blue tab near the top that reads “view programs”Many film series will be listed. They are in alphabetical order. Scroll down to Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition. Click on it.All 26 episodes from the series are listed in order. Double click on the box that says “VoD” next to the episode you wish to view. That’s it!Type 1 page for each ½ hour video unit where you submit bullets outlining the content of each ½ hour lecture (not more than one page in length) AND, SEPARATELY, ANSWER ALL LEARNING OBJECTIVE QUESTIONS FROM THE ATTACHED/ENCLOSED PACKET( state each question before each of your responses. Make sure you cite page references from the text for each of your answers).ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS CAN BE FOUND IN VIDEO AND TEXT INSIDE FRONT AND BACK COVER OF TEXT WILL TELL YOU WHAT CHAPTERS CORRELATE WITH WHICH VIDEOS).THE COVER PAGE SHOULD INCLUDE YOUR NAME, DATE, VIDEO NUMBERS, AND A NUMBER YOU CAN BE REACHED.Objectives 1After viewing the television program and completing the assigned readings, you should be able to:1. Define Psychology.2. Distinguish between the micro, molecular, and macro levels of analysis.3. Describe the major goals of psychology.4. Describe what psychologists do and give some examples of the kinds of questions they may be interested in investigating.5. Summarize the history of the major theoretical approaches to psychology.6. Describe seven current psychological perspectives.7. Describe how the concerns of psychologists have evolved with the larger culture.Objectives 2After viewing the television program and completing the assigned readings, you should be able to:1. Explain the concept of observer bias and cite some techniques experimenters use to eliminate personal bias.2. Define placebo effect and explain how it might be avoided.3. Define reliability and validity and explain the difference between them.4. Describe various psychological measurement techniques, such as self report, behavioral, and physiological measures.5. Define correlational methods and explain why it does not establish a cause-and-effect relationship.6. Summarize the American Psychological Association’s ethical guidelines for the treatment of humans and animals in psychological experiments, and explain why they are necessary.7. Discuss some ways to be a wiser consumer of research.8. Describe how a hypothesis leads to a particular experimental design.9. Discuss how job burnout develops, how it can be studied, and how psychologists can intervene to prevent or combat it.

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