Please reply TO EACH discussion question with a 200-word minimum1)  As a whole, humans wish they could be happier and experience less stress.  Given what we’re learning, what are some of the things someone could do to decrease their level of stress and increase their level of happiness?  Consider using yourself (or friends and family members) to provide detailed examples and please be specific.2) Which major approach to understanding personality (e.g., Psychodynamic, Learning, Biological, Trait) do you identify with the most?  In other words, which do you feel best represents how your personality was formed?  Why?  Please be specific and use examples if you can.3) We learn about some of the major Psychological Disorders in Chapter 13.  Which disorder (or set of disorders) fascinated you most?  Why?  Try to connect the disorder to a character from a TV show or movie.  You do NOT need to discuss your personal experience with psychological disorders, but if someone chooses to, PLEASE be respectful!4) Pick one of the major psychological disorders we learned about in Chapter 13 (it can be the one you wrote about in the Chapter 13 Discussion).  Given what we know about the different types of therapy and treatment, how would you go about treating the disorder?  Please be sure to explain your reasoning.  Do you feel this type of treatment is generally the best?  Why?  What could be an alternative method of therapy/treatment?5) We will often change the way we feel and the way we behave due to compliance or obedience, but sometimes, we’ll change as a result of no direct social pressure (i.e., we’ll conform).  After learning about how the social world can affect the way people think, feel, and behave, what did you find to be the most fascinating concept(s)?  Why?  Where have you seen this exemplified in your life?

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