300 WordsHow to get kids to do chores: The role of conditioning in parenting.Introduction:This Discussion Board requires an understanding of learning principles and how they can be applied in parenting situations.This assignment fulfills/Supports:Module Outcome: 1Course Outcome: 1, 3General Education Competencies: 1, 2, 5The Assignment:For this Discussion Board, complete the following steps:Step 1:Review the elements of Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning and Observational Learning in Chapter 6 of your textbook.Listen to the Goats and Soda podcast entitled “How To Get Your Kids To Do Chores (Without Resenting It)” (link below) and read the follow-up article “How To Get Kids To Do Chores: Does The Maya Method Work?”.  The article can be accessed through the NPR website by clicking on the following link:Maya Method(opens in a new window).Step 2:In your initial post, thoroughly discuss the following:Explain how each of the following learning concepts are demonstrated in the “Maya Method”. Give concrete examples from the textbook, podcast and article to support your statements.ShapingPositive reinforcementUnconditioned stimuliUnconditioned responseConditioned stimuliConditioned responseDiscuss the potential consequences of using physical punishment to shape children’s behavior.

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