For this discussion, you will be considering the variables and historical events that differentiate cognitivism from behaviorism, further substantiating the differences between “how we learn” and “how we learn most effectively.”As you will read this week, cognitivism is a theory that addresses the mind’s contribution to how humans learn. The cognitive revolution (although considered by some as an overly stated fact) is suggested to have been a response to the behaviorist movement that rejected introspection (anti-mentalism), and controversially led to what some consider a dissolving of the behaviorist movement.In your initial post, consider the following prompts about cognitivism, and discuss each, basing your posture on this week’s readings, your past experiences, and your past knowledge:Discuss the significance of the cognitive revolution.Explain information processing.Analyze the behaviorist versus cognitivist definition of learning: a change in observational behavior or a change in one’s schemata.Which theory do you believe is more accurate? Why? (Support with citations.)Discuss if your personal schemata has changed throughout your life. (This could be about learning, but also about other domains such as love, honesty, hard work, loyalty, etc.)Also in your discussion, respond to the following questions specifically associated toAfter Watching This, Your Brain Will not be the Same(Links to an external site.):How do Dr. Boyd’s suggestions support (or oppose) what you believe to be true about learning?Boyd suggests three changes occur in our brains and help support learning: chemical, structural, and functional; how do these affect persons who suffer from different types of brain damage (e.g., stroke)?If the primary driver of change in your brain is your behavior, what is Dr. Boyd’s primary suggestion for increasing our success in learning?Your initial post should be between 350 and 400 words. You must support your discussion by citing the required textbook. Cite all information from your sources according to APA guidelines as outlined in theAPA: Citing Within Your Paper(Links to an external site.)resource. List each of your sources at the end of your posting according to APA Style as shown in the sample page forAPA: Formatting Your References List(Links to an external site.)resource.

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