Personality and Well-Being Literature Review MatrixEverything needed is attachedMatrix is completed with the exception of the Research QuestionsUsing the Personality and Well-Being Literature Review Matrix, populate the matrix with the following requested information about the three articles related to your well-being topic of interest that is personally or professionally relevant to you and that relates to the connection between a given personality construct and enhanced well-being.-Research Topic: Social Anxiety and The  Big 5 Personality Traits-COMPLETED-Article citations in APA format -COMPLETED-Design of study (e.g., quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, meta-analysis, case study, etc.) -COMPLETED*Research questions-NOT COMPLETED-Methodology (e.g., participants, questionnaires, etc.) -COMPLETED-Results of the study -COMPLETED-Take-home message of the study (i.e., what does this study say about enhancing the well-being of individuals?)-COMPLETEDAll articles are attachedTotal of 2  pages, in addition to the title page and referencesUsing the information in your matrix, write a synthesis of the research about your well-being topic. A synthesis is not a summary of each article. In synthesis, you reflect the various resources by describing the main ideas or themes, covered across the three references.Be specific, provide examples, and justify your response with citations from the Resources in your Learning Activities or from your search from the literature

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