The exam consists of 15 short answer questions. Some questions ask for a definition of a concept while others ask for application and/or analysis. Please answer each of the following questions in paragraph form with the question numbers labeled and submit the exam.QuestionsHow does a football game reflect a symbolic reality? How is this reality communicated and what are some of the symbols?What is socialization? How does this concept relate to the nature/nurture debate?Define “rules of denial” and give an empirical example of this concept from your own interactions.What is emotion work or management?What is the difference between surface and deep acting?Select one of the articles that address feeling rules. What is the emotion and what is the feeling norm? How is the feeling rule learned?What does it mean to say bodies are “disciplined”?What are gendered bodily practices and how are these practices learned?How is emotional management a part of gender identity? What role does emotion work play in the maintenance differences and inequalities between men and women? Provide a specific example to support your position.What is an example of culture shaping your own bodily experience? How are cultural meaning inscribed onto the body in your example?Describe the ways in which individuals have control over bodily practices, but are also limited in the freedom of expression. Explain how this paradox connects to the commodification of culture.What is the “I” and “Me”? What is the generalized other?What does it mean to say the self is social? What theoretical perspective does this statement represent?Explain the “model minority stereotype” and describe how this cultural value impacted the identity development of the Cambodian American students.According to Gubrium and Holstein, how do new forms of interaction and community building impact the social construction of the self?

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