For Week 3, we will apply strategies for hypothesis testing, determine when to use one-or two-tailed Z test and interpret the results of a one- and two-sample t test.Due ThursdayRespond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:Chapter 4Define the following:(a.) Research hypothesis(b.) Null hypothesis(c.) Hypothesis(d.) Hypothesis testing(e.) Hypothesis testing process(f.) Dependent variable(g.) Independent variable(h.) conventional levels of significance(i.) Statistically significant(j.) One-tailed test(k.) Two-tailed test(l.) Theory(m.) Cutoff sample score(n.) Directional hypothesis(o.) Nondirectional hypothesisCompare and Contrast alternate hypothesis (research hypothesis) and null hypothesis. How do these concepts relate to each other? Provide an example of when you would use a one-tailed test. Finally, provide an example of when you would use a two-tailed test.Chapter 5(a.) Confidence interval (CI)(b.) Confidence limit(c.). 95% confidence interval(d.) 99% confidence interval(e.) Z test(f.) mean of a distribution of means ?M(g.) variance of a distribution of means ?2M(h.) standard deviation of a distribution of means ?M

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