PART I (Transform->Compute Variable)There are times when we will want to compute a new variable based on the data we have. Create a new variable using theSTATES10 dataClick on Transform->Compute VariableYour new variable (‘Target Variable’) will be called MURDPCT.Use the following formula to generate the new variable: (CRS37 / CRS33)*100This formula takes the Murders 2008 divides by Violent Crimes 2008 and then multiplies it by 100Present the answer to the following questions in APA format (no figure needed)What is the mean of this new variable?Which state has the highest percentage of violent crimes that are murders? What is the mean percentage of of violent crimes that are murders in this state?Which state has the lowest percentage of violent crimes that are murders? What is the mean percentage of of violent crimes that are murders in this state?PART II (Transform->Recode into Different Variables)Sometimes it is helpful to collapse categories in a variable into a more limited number of categories.Using theGSS08 dataTransform->Recode into Different VariablesClick on Degree and move it to the middle.The ‘Output Variable’ will be ‘Named DEGREE3 with the ‘Label’ Highest Degree Earned 3 Categories.Click ‘Change’Click on ‘Old and New Values’Code those individuals who earned less than a high school degree (‘Old Value’ = 0 into ‘New Value’ = 1)Click ‘Add’Code those who have a high school or junior college degree (‘Old Value->’Range’ = 1-2 into ‘New Value = 2)Click ‘Add’Code those who have a bachelor degree or graduate degree ( ‘Old Value->’Range’ = 3-4 into ‘New Value = 3)Click ‘Add’Click ‘Continue’Click ‘OK’In Variable view, assign values to the new variable (1 = less than a high school degree; 2 = high school or junior college degree; 3 = bachelor or graduate degree)Run Analyze->Descriptive Statistics->FrequenciesRun Frequency function for DEGREE3Run Graph -> Chart Builder (generate bar graph showing frequencies of new variable)Present the output in APA format (in text and bar graph). Please make sure to include the following in your response:What percentage of respondents did not finish high school?What percentage of respondents earned a high school or junior college degree?What percentage of respondents earned a bachelors or graduate degree?RSM600 DatasetsRSM600 DatasetsDatasetsTHIS REQUIRE USE OF SPSS

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