Watch “Positive Psychology” from in theCanadian Broadcasting Corp.(2008). Positive Psychology (03:59) [Video file] in How to Be Happy! Positive Psychology in Action,Films on Demand.Journeyman Pictures (2008). Introducing Tourism (01:30) [Video file], Films on Demand.Mary Ann Watson (2013). The Pursuit of Happiness in Ethiopia and the U.S.: Intercultural Connections (19:18) [Video file], Films on Demand.Write a 350- 400 word paper describing your reaction to the video with respect to the Bhutanese views on happiness.Include the following:Explain the Bhutanese views on happiness.Provide specific examples from the video that you found interesting or meaningful. Why?Contrast the “good life” as reflected in Bhutanese and American culture.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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