Psycology essay questions

A paragraph length of each essay question.

REMEMBER, REMEMBER, REMEMBER – use a citation for each essay. Example below:

Cloninger, S. C. (2013). Theories of personality: Understanding persons (6th edition). Pearson.

Cited works at the end of the page

Chapter 12: Discuss Mischel’s 3 types of expectancies and how they impact behavior.

Chapter 13: Discuss Barack Obama’s life in respect to the principles advocated by Albert Bandura and social learning theory.

Chapter 14: List and explain the three major conditions for effective therapy, according to Rogers.

Chapter 15: Discuss how Maslow’s theory has been used in the business world.

Chapter 16: Describe the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism. Give examples of each and how someone might progress through them.

Chapter 17: Explain the term “paradigm.” How does a paradigm influence research?

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