Questions on Fango e Gloria:La Grande Guerra

1.Discuss the significance of the title to World War I in general and to the film in particular.

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2.This film was created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Italy’s participation in World War I.It uses historical, archival footage with soundtrack added.In a short essay, discuss the interaction of the historical footage with the fictional narrative of the film.

3.Discuss the importance of the photograph that Nicola Zabagli (Mario’s liettenant) shows Mario of his family.Nicola says he keeps it with him to keep his wife close to his heart, and for another reason.Discuss the second reason and how it relates to the photograph Mario had taken when he married Agnese and how it relates to the development of the plot and to the film’s conclusion.

4. In a brief essay, describe what you learned from the film about:

a.World War I

b.Italian film

5.How does the film help build a sense of nationalism and pride in the Italian identity?Explain in detail your answers.

6.What kind of cultural and social changes did World War I bring to Italy?

– NOTE: the film is Italian and I DO NOT have the film. but you can find it translated into English.

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