Please re-adjust (Case Study 1&2)

• With regard to your client’s preliminary information, you did not sufficiently discuss your required professional responsibilities as a trainer to safely analyze the needs of a client before starting an exercise program. Please refer to the drawing-in phase in Unit 12 and fitness assessments in Unit 13.
• With regards to your program design, you need to create FULLY DETAILED and CHARTED 12-week PERIODIZED programs. You also need to provide a more in-depth explanation or validation behind the different aspects of your program, including any resistance training, cardiovascular training, or flexibility training in your case studies.
• With regards to your nutrition, you need to provide a more comprehensive nutritional strategy for each client specific to their particular dietary needs, and to explain your reasoning behind your recommendations/calculations using the concepts and principles in the textbook to defend your answer.
• In addition, for these case studies make sure you provide a definitive connection between your initial evaluation, the assessments you chose, the actual exercise program design, the nutrition strategy, and how each aspect will most effectively assist them in achieving their goal(s). If you have not done so already, please review the Step-By-Step Guide provided to you in your Practice Examination.

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