write about what you have learned in a particular situation. you might ask yourself several questions

1- what did i do? where? when? for how long? why?

2- what was my role ( as opposed to the others involved)?

3- where were my holes and objectives ? how did they influence my choices?

4-what were the reasons behind my behavior? what was i thinking at the time?

5- how has my behavior changed as a result of what i learned ?

6- what were the reaction of others? was the the result positive or negative? based on my reflections, how was i affected?

7- how dose my knowledge apply to other situations?

important requirements : make sure you do a TREC outline. your thesis statement must have 3 or more controlling ideas. format papers per APA, including a title page, running head, and page numbers.

note: please make sure to do all the above or assignment will not excepted from professor.

write easy words to read and understand. chose an easy topic. THANK YOU.

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