Each student will complete a 3 page reflection paper (double-spaced, 12 point font) intended to integrate the student’s Service Learning experience with theological reflection. Given the student’s Service Learning placement at Church World Service, the student selects a specific theological theme/concept from THE 201 that applies to his/her Service Learning experience.  Within this context, the student reflects upon this theme/concept and illustrates the relationship between the two.  For this class in particular concepts related to community, Kingdom of God, love, image of God are especially significant.

A complete paper would include the student’s description of their particular Service Learning placement and duties in detail, an academic presentation of the theological theme/concept chosen to illustrate the Service Learning experience, and a clearly articulated demonstration of how pertinent details from the Service Learning experience supports, connects to or challenges the points of this theme/concept.  Properly integrated citations from assigned readings are encouraged.  

Some of the specific theological themes/concepts may include (but not be limited to):

  • creation
  • image of God
  • revelation
  • scripture
  • tradition
  • sin
  • grace
  • discipleship

The service learning was working with refugees showing them bus routes, setting them up for a welcoming party, and interacting with them. 

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