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Discussion 1.1: Conflicts and Creativity In Teams

Part 1:

I agree this is one kind where single individual including me faced. Conflict is considered as common place element in everyday social life. And also, members and teams visualize and come across conflict among the other counter groups depending on the conditions which cannot be avoidable. I would like to bring my experience in the discussion, implementing of new technology in my work environment in between the project ongoing process which led to miscommunication among the team, because all them felt the technology is entirely new to all. So maintaining the project standards as well as company standards had become a big issue to everyone which in fact later was controlled by team manager but this process took some time and also wasting time in project work. And also I would like to bring few sources in the view of conflict (Helena Syna Desivilya, Dafna Eizen 2005)

  1. Co-worker relationship when it comes to team members from different cultures come all together.
  2. Better understanding better team supervisor and the team member can lead to conflicts, since supervisor follows his style in the project.
  3. External factors such as company’s market shares can sometimes lead to disturbances between the employees including high level management.
  4. Communication issues and performance factors between the employee in the team and also team supervisor in maintaining his or her responsibilities.
  5. Harassment in workplace can lead disturbances and as well conflicts mainly new employees come across in the work organization.
  6. Actions taken by organization in minimizing the expenses can lead disturbances mainly within the employees and also we come across this kind similar with my experience I had witnessed this kind.

I would like to bring the introduction of Dual concern model which can drastically minimize the conflicts within the team which can lead to bringing in diversity among the team, this model focusses on engaging -destructive, engaging- constructive, engaging moderately constructive, avoiding constructive and lastly avoiding destructive. In simple words this approach is towards constructive, destructive and team members opting for right one ultimately to reduce the conflicts within the team. (Helena Syna Desivilya, et.al 2005)

Part 2:

Concentrating on three areas such increasing the knowledge on the subject focused and interested and also rethinking about the subject to better understand is one category. Secondly Increasing the habits according to new experiences which in fact bring style of work improvisation. I feel openness is one of the key part to everyone to be creative and be one among. And lastly finding new ways to implement in one single approach than settling down with a solution. This will in fact develops team’s confidence and approach towards a problem. Art Markman (2015)

Discussion 1.2: Conflicts and Creativity In Teams

Conflict :

This happened recently within a team of mine. The conflict didn’t happen with my self but other senior developer and our VP of engineering.

The management decided to assign a critical project to the senior developer and the senior developer took a long time to progress in the project. In the meantime, our VP was guiding him through how to progress more cautiously so the present users don’t get affected. As a VP of engineering, they wanted the project to be done in a certain way but the developer neither listened to them nor followed their pattern. As per developer his way of doing the project was right.

Since he was progressing but with very slow pace management was not happy with the performance they wanted him to complete the project in the way that VP wanted. But again as a senior developer, he thought it was not a good idea to follow other person’s ideas.

As a result finally, management decided to move the project to me. Because of this attitude of the developer, there was a huge conflict between the developer and the VP.

Source and interventions can be used to improve the quality of conflict a team: No matter how experienced you are like a junior you always listen and follow what your leader says. You can provide points why something won’t work or why it is mandatory to follow with the certain pattern but you can not simply out listen higher management and do things your own way.

In order to Enhance team’s creativity:

1) Encourage people and their Ideas in the team: Employees need to know that their Ideas are also valued and are taken into consideration. With this employees feel empowered and their creativity will also increase.

2) Have brainstorming session: To discuss the project plan and how things are going the manager/higher management should have the brainstorming session in the quarter and one to one meeting with their employees.

3) Reward the team: Have an offsite outgoing, provide them gift coupons or a simple appreciation and thank you can also make a really big difference in the creativity of a person/ team.

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